Our Purpose

Ballarat East Neighbourhood House operates for the public benefit of the Ballarat East community to improve the lives of some of our most disadvantaged community members.

Central to our role is the provision of opportunities for every individual to be treated fairly and for consideration to be given to their individual needs. By working together with community groups, partners, and individuals, we develop programs, activities, and services which respond to the social, recreational, educational, cultural, and economic needs of the disadvantaged people living in our local neighbourhoods.

In doing this we improve the lives of our community members by advancing adult education and relieving the poverty, distress, or disadvantage of individuals or families in our community caused by long term unemployment, social isolation, poor literacy and numeracy, and discrimination.
In achieving our mission our members and the wider public will benefit from a more connected, educated, and involved community where everyone is valued, included, and empowered.

Our Vision

Resilient, connected neighbourhoods

Our Mission

To enrich our community by providing opportunities to connect, participate and learn

Our Values

We take a person-centred approach to:

Equity: Creating opportunities with fairness and consideration of each individual’s needs

Inclusion: Embracing diversity in a respectful, safe and welcoming environment

Empowerment: Enhancing individuals’ capacity to have control of their own lives

Collaboration: Working together to achieve common goals


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Committee of Management

As an Incorporated Association, the newly established Ballarat East Neighbourhood House Inc. is governed by a Committee of Management.

The Ballarat East Neighbourhood House shares a joint Committee of Management with the Ballarat and Wendouree Neighbourhood Centres. The Committee is elected by the Members of the three Neighbourhood Centres.

The Committee believes strongly in involving and encouraging participation, inclusion and valuing diversity by delivering quality programmes, activities, adult education and services which respond to the social, recreational, cultural and economic needs of the community.


Our Committee

Executive Committee

Glen Crompton (Chair)
Jane Jens (Treasurer)
Lisa Buckland (Secretary)

Committee Members

John Horley
Bradley Smith
Jim Thomson
Cameron Duthie
Annie De Jong


Committee Meetings

Meetings are held bi-monthly, and are currently conducted online due to Covid-19 restrictions. The Annual General Meeting is held in May each year. Planning sessions are held 1 - 3 times per year.

Committee Membership
Only members are eligible to nominate, vote and be elected to the Committee of Management. Ballarat East Neighbourhood House membership is offered to all Neighbourhood House participants, and those who live or work within the local areas. For a Membership Application Form please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Strategic Plan 2020-2023

2020 08 strategic plan

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Annual Report 2019

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