The Ballarat East Neighbourhood House Policies and Procedures were updated in June 2021.

Ballarat East Neighbourhood House Policies and Procedures v1.1 - Part 1 (p.1 to p.109)

Ballarat East Neighbourhood House Policies and Procedures v1.1 - Part 2 (p.110 to p.181)

Key Policies and Procedures

For ease of access, several Key Policies and Procedures have been made available online:

Activitiy Terms and Conditions

Culture Policies - Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

Privacy Policy - Full

Privacy Policy - Website

Background to our Policy Manual Development

Early in 2019, the Joint Committee of Management (JCM) approved a complete review and rewrite of the Policy Manual.

The JCM acknowledged over 400 hours was committed by the house managers, the Network Manager and the JCM to create Version 1 of the Policy Manual.

Adopted in March 2020, Version 1 is the first stage of a two-year project. Stage 2 of the Policy Manual Project will include:

  • the correction of minor formatting issues associated with using different Word versions in creating the manual;
  • a review and update of all documents, templates and forms associated with the procedures of this manual;
  • your feedback and suggestions for improving the manual; and
  • an update of policies related to the new Child Safe regulations enacted in early 2020.

The JCM have made the PDF version of the Policy Manual available online however the Word version is only made available to third parties under Agreement.

Word Version of the Policy Manual

We are happy to work with other organisations in the continuous development of the Policy Manual.

If you would like a word version there is a small fee:

  • $500 (exc GST) for organisations with annual revenue under $150,000 
  • $1000 (ex GST) for organisations with annual revenue above $150,000.

By accepting a copy of the Word version on the Policy Manual you agree to work collaboratively over an 18 month period with the JCM to continue to develop the Policy Manual for all users. 

Contact the House Manager for more information on any of the Ballarat East Neighbourhood House policies: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other Policy Templates

Visit the Central Highlands Association of Neighbourhood Houses (CHANH) website for more policy templates and other useful policy links.