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Taylah's Feedback

“I was fortunate enough to complete my 150-hour placement alongside Kate at the Ballarat East Neighbourhood House. I have always been interested in giving back to the community, so placement at the Ballarat East Neighbourhood House was the perfect place for me. I was involved in activities which directly benefited the community such as working on the community newsletters and interacting and meeting with individuals of the community at the weekly group activities.

It was also beneficial to be involved in the administration aspects of community development and enhance my understanding and knowledge of the planning processes, such as writing application grants for funding and event support. I was also lucky enough to see how the Ballarat East Neighbourhood House adapts to change and completed the final weeks of my placement working from home. Although this was not expected, it was useful for my studies to see and experience firsthand how community service organisations are constantly changing and overcoming unexpected challenges.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my placement at the Ballarat East Neighbourhood House and would highly recommend this placement opportunity to any students interested in community development or dedicated to giving back to their community. The support provided by my supervisor Kate was excellent and made what was a daunting experience at the start (it was my first placement and I had no volunteer experience within the field), a much enjoyable and beneficial experience.”

Taylah, Final Year Student, Community and Human Services, Federation University


Emily's Feedback

“I was privileged to complete my 225 hour placement with Kate at the Ballarat East Neighbourhood House in 2019. With a keen interest in Community Development approaches, I was eager to consolidate my knowledge gained in class with real-life experience. My experience with Kate as my supervisor was outstanding. Kate was welcoming, inclusive, shared an incredible amount of knowledge with me and encouraged hands-on participation.

I was excited to witness true grassroots Community Development, where people are empowered to make decisions, participate and be the driver of change. I have also developed a strong affiliation with the purpose of Neighbourhood Houses, which is to increase social inclusion for people through events, activities, groups and learning opportunities. Through this journey, I have been inspired to work towards future employment in a Neighbourhood House.”

Emily Brumby, 2nd Year Student, Bachelor of Community and Human Services, Federation University.