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Our Community Governance Officer, Kay, has compiled this helpful list of resources for Ballarat's Community Groups.

Find out more about Ballarat's Community Governance Capacity Project, run by the four Neighbourhood Houses through a Strategic Partnership with the City of Ballarat. 

Last updated 5 August 2022.

1. Governance Handbook and toolkit


City of Brimbank

Community Governance Resources | Brimbank City Council

Great resource for community groups and organisations. Very comprehensive.

Indigenous Governance Tool Kit

Understanding governance - Indigenous Governance Toolkit (aigi.com.au)

Great resource for all community groups, focus on the why as well as the how of governance.

2. General information about incorporation


Ballarat and Grampians Community Legal Service

Have you got a legal question about incorporation?

Appointments - Ballarat & Grampians Community Legal Service Inc. (bgcls.org.au)

Justice Connect – Not-for-Profit  Law

Not-for-profit Law | Legal Help for Not-for-Profit Organisations (nfplaw.org.au)

Lots of information and templates.

What does incorporation mean, and should you incorporate? | Not-for-profit Law (nfplaw.org.au)

Initial information regarding incorporation.

ACNC – Governing Documents

Governing document templates and model rules | ACNC

Templates for rules for small unincorporated associations.

Consumer Affairs Victoria

Should your club incorporate? - Consumer Affairs Victoria

Model rules for Victorian organisations who want to incorporate.

ABN - do you have one?

ABN Lookup (business.gov.au)

To see if an organisation has an ABN.

To apply for an ABN

Applying for an ABN | ABR

Business name

Search Business Names Register (asic.gov.au)

To see is a name is registered or available if you want to register a name.

Business name registration

Before you register a business name | ASIC - Australian Securities and Investments Commission

You need an ABN to register a business name.

3. Running a community organisation


Consumer Affairs Victoria

Clubs and fundraising - Consumer Affairs Victoria

Meeting, members, annual statement

Our Community

Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA) | Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources.

Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA) | Policy Bank

Policy templates.

Measuring What Matters - An introduction to project evaluation for not-for-profits - ourcommunity.com.au

Evaluation – free resource.

Funding Centre | Overview

Grants. Free and subscription – search function available.

Justice Connect

Resource - Not-for-profit Law (nfplaw.org.au)

Fact sheets and guides about running your organisation from starting up to winding up.

City of Ballarat

Register - Ballarat Grant Finder (grantguru.com.au)

Grants. Free - search of available grants and set up notification options.

4. Specific Sector Information


Arts - Ballarat Arts Alive

Ballarat Arts Alive – Supporting the arts and artists of Ballarat and surrounds

Auspicing opportunities.

Arts - Arts Law 

Home - Arts Law Centre of Australia

Health - Health Justice Australia


National centre of excellence for health justice partnership. MOU for health partnership.

Environment - Breaze

Form a Group - Ballarat Renewable Energy and Zero Emissions (breaze.org.au)

Support for groups with an environmental focus.

5. Training


Our Community

Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA) | Training

Reasonably priced training including some self-paced online training.

Justice Connect - Not-For-Profit Law

Webinars | Not-for-profit Law (nfplaw.org.au)

Free or low cost Webinairs

Training | Not-for-profit Law (nfplaw.org.au)

Specific training for your organisation