National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) Kids on Tour - January 2023 - Let's Make Art!

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Art for the whole family!


This was a great success, with 33 children and 31 adults joining Art teacher Nellie on the day.


The children who participated all loved the NGV Kids on Tour activities. They enjoyed the chance to make creatures, sculptures and collages and be inspired by the other children in the room. It really gave them a boost and they were proud of what they achieved. There were some lovely social connections between the children and adults who attended. Many of the children were inspired to do some more art at home and took home worksheets for themselves or their siblings. This was a wonderful way to engage our community to start the year!

It’s Free: Children and families can enjoy free art activities and workshops at over 130 community venues across Melbourne and Victoria these summer holidays, including the Ballarat East Neighbourhood House at Barkly Square.

NGV Kids on Tour coincides with the NGV Kids Summer Festival, 14 – 22 January 2023 taking place at the NGV International and The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, Fed. Square. View the program at

The Ballarat East Neighbourhood House's Kids' Club coordinator, local Art Teacher Nellie, will be running free art activities on Tuesday 24 January at Barkly Square. Nellie runs regular Creative Kids' Club classes for the Ballarat East Neighbourhood House.


REGISTER NOW - all sessions are free. Places are limited.

Please note that an adult needs to accompany all children to these free activities and remain responsible for the children throughout the activities.

By registering for one or more of these sessions, you are agreeing to the Ballarat East Neighbourhood House Activity Terms and Conditions.

For help, see our step-by-step guide to registering online. Due to a limitation in our online registration system, each person registered into an activity requires a separate email address (e.g. enter the child's name and the parent's email address). If you would like to register more than one child for an activity, please email the details to Holly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the names of the additional children and the activities they would like to attend.

Children and the Ballarat East Neighbourhood House

The Ballarat East Neighbourhood House is committed to empowering children as vital and active members of our community and our organisation. We involve them when making decisions about matters which affect them. We are committed to children’s safety and our legal and moral obligations to act in their best interest. Our Child Safe Policies are available online.


For any questions, please contact us. We are available from 9.00 am - 5.00 pm Tuesdays to Fridays from Tuesday 17 January 2023.

NGV Kids on Tour Image Make a sculpture.jpgSession 1: 10.00 am - 11.00 am, Make a Sculpture


Artist Pablo Picasso learnt paper-cutting and folding when he was young and used these techniques throughout his life as an artist. Picasso could transform flat pieces of paper or card into three dimensional sculptures. In Make a Sculpture, children can take shapes, decorate and turn them into a three-dimensional table top sculpture.

Capacity: 20 children

Age Group: Ages 4+ years (young children may need adult help to assemble).

Image: Children create large-scale sculptures. Photography by Tim Caraffa.

NGV Kids on Tour Image Make a collage.jpgSession 2: 11.00 am - 12.00 noon, Make a Collage


French artist, Georges Braque is considered to be the first artist to make a type of paper collage called a papier collé which is French for pasted paper. Braque bought a roll of patterned wallpaper and cut and paste paper strips on to his drawing. How did he come up with this idea? Perhaps it was because he used to use wallpaper when he was a house decorator before he became an artist.

At the time, Braque was sharing an art studio with his friend Pablo Picasso in the south of France. When he showed Picasso what he had made Picasso was quite shocked! Both artists went on and became excited to experiment with collage. They included different materials in their art works such as snippets of newspapers, cardboard, even pieces of wood and fabric.

In this activity children can experiment with colour and shape and cut and paste to make a colourful collage.

Capacity: 20 children

Age Group: Ages 4+ years (young children may need adult help to assemble).

Image: Children use the Make a Collage activity to create collages. Photography by Tim Caraffa

NGV Kids on Tour Image Make a creature.jpgSession 3: 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm, Make a Creature and Just Imagine! 


Activity 1: Make a Creature

When Spanish artist Remedios Varo was a child, she spent her time reading books filled with adventure, learning about science, and making art.

During the 1930s Varo lived in Paris and became friends with a group of artists called the Surrealists. Varo and the Surrealists were interested in ideas about the mind and such as exploring dreams and the unconscious in their art. They often played games together to help them produce strange images. One of these games is called Exquisite Corpse.

To play, participants each take turns to draw sections of a body on a sheet of paper. When one person has finished drawing a part of the body, they fold it to hide their contribution so that the next person cannot see what they have drawn, then pass it to the next player. The Surrealists were excited for the moment when everybody had added a body part and the drawing or collage creation they had made together was revealed.

In this activity children can collage images to create a surreal creature.

Illustrations prepared for Making Art: Imagine Everything is Real, 2022. Image by Cally Bennett.  

NGV Kids on Tour Image Just Imagine.jpgActivity 2: Just Imagine!

The Surrealists enjoyed making art in new and surprising ways. In 1936, the Spanish artist Oscar Dominguez taught the Surrealists a printing technique called ‘decalcomania’. This type of print is made by applying blobs and splashes of watercolour paint or ink on paper. The Surrealists would use their imaginations and transform the blot of ink with their drawings into strange creatures and scenes.

Children can hone their creativity by imagining a scene, object or creature in the blobs on the page then transform it through their drawings.

Image: A child celebrates their artwork at a making workshop at NGV International. Photography by Eugene Hyland.

Capacity (across both activities): 14 children

Age Group: Ages 4+ years (young children may need adult help to assemble).

Session 3: 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm, NGV Teens: Character Design with Rubii Red 


NGV Kids on Tour Image Teens Character DesignTeens can use this guide to discover Red’s techniques to design their own character.

Melbourne based artist Rubii Red is a proud Lama Lama woman from Cape York, Queensland. Anime and comic books are a strong influence on her work which includes portraiture, abstract line work, character design and fan-art. Rubii uses her art to speak about issues that are important to her and her community, like seeing more First Nations figures represented in media, especially in gaming, streaming, film and television.

Image: A teen designs a character in a workshop with artist Rubii Red. Photo by Tim O’Connor

Capacity: 6 teens

Age Group: Ages 12+

Session 4: 2.00 pm - 3.00 pm, Make a Portrait and a Poem

NGV Kids on Tour Image Make a poem or portrait.jpgREGISTER NOW

Russian artist Natalia Goncharova liked trying lots of different things. She was a painter, printmaker, illustrator, performer, costume designer and set designer. She also designed fabrics, fashion, ballet costumes and stage sets for the theatre, and made prints for books.

Goncharova was friends with many poets and writers. They often spent happy times together writing and drawing to make books of poems.

Children can make a portrait of a special person in their life and write a poem about them.

Image: A young visitor admires their poem in Making Art: Imagine Everything is Real, 2022. Photography by Eugene Hyland

Capacity: 14 children

Age Group: Ages 4+ years (young children may need adult help to assemble).

NGV Kids on Tour Image Teens Create a PortraitSession 4: 2.00 pm - 3.00 pm, NGV Teens: Create a Portrait with Archer Davies


Teens can use this guide to discover Davies’s techniques for portraiture and draw a subject’s face from life. 

Archer Davies is a Melbourne-based artist. He has a strong interest in portraiture and often paints his friends, family and the people around him. Archer chiefly paints in oils and gouache to create portraits that highlight the individuality of his subjects. When painting, Archer prefers to work directly from life as he believes it enables him to capture the person’s character, gestures and movements.

Capacity: 6 teens

Age Group: Ages 12+ 

Image: A teen draws a portrait in a workshop with artist Archer Davies. Image by Tobias Titz 

In order to keep everyone involved with the Ballarat East Neighbourhood House safe, we recommend wearing a face-mask when practical to do so and using hand sanitiser regularly. Please do not attend activities with the Ballarat East Neighbourhood House if you have cold/flu symptoms. We will happily refund any pre-paid registration if you are unable to attend due to illness or potential COVID-19 exposure.  

You can view the Ballarat East Neighbourhood House COVID-Safe Plan.


Several of these activities were featured in the NGV children’s exhibition Making Art: Imagine Everything is Real which was open at NGV International from 10 June to 9 October 2022.

View the NGV program at

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NGV Kids on Tour is an initiative of the National Gallery of Victoria. Kids on Tour 2023 is generously supported by the Packer Family and Crown Resorts Foundations and The Neumann Auster Family & Friends.