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This activity is a Learn Local activity, with costs subsidised through the Victorian State Government's Adult and Community Further Education (ACFE) program in partnership with the Wendouree Neighbourhood Centre.

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Be guided by local author and poet, Melissa Watts, to write the story of your life.

12.15 pm - 2.45 pm, Thursdays (2.5 hours, including a break)

8-week course, starting on Thursday 16 February, 2023 and finishing on Thursday 6 April, 2023.

If you have missed Week 1 (16 February) or Week 2 (23 February), please still get in touch as we are still accepting enrolments.

Ballarat East Neighbourhood House Community Room, Barkly Square, Ballarat East

$70 for the 8-week course

About the course
You may have work that you are already working on, or have an idea that you would like to start.

Each class you will answer questions regarding your work in progress, or your new work.

  • Week 1 – Introduction into a writer's state of mind. Writing vs editing. Identifying why you are writing a memoir and why?
  • Week 2 – Key moments/stories – picking out the key elements
  • Week 3 – Voice – is your personality there or are you writing like Charles Dickens?
  • Week 4 – Structure – key players or themes that continue through
  • Week 5 - Scene setting and what we can learn from fiction about dialogue, tension and conflict
  • Week 6 – Layering – songs, popular culture and identifying with your audience. Ethics.
  • Week 7 – Getting it done – writing blocks, societal pressures, hard work. 
  • Week 8 - Sharing your work, a time to celebrate how far we’ve come

Please note that a minimum of 6 people will be required to register for this course to proceed.

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For any questions, please contact us. We are available from 9.00 am - 5.00 pm Tuesdays to Fridays during school term.

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